Sunday, December 21, 2008

My first Christmas 1976

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I got tagged By Emily and Nicole.
#1 I am the oldest of three.One sis and one bro
#2 Love the color red
#3 I am a neat freak but I do have my "Monica closet" (from friends)
#4 I love 40's and 50's music
#5 I am a very impatient person
#6 I have had Bell's Palsy 2 times
#7 I am a night owl
#8 I Love coffee of any kind
#9 I am a planner
#10 I saw "The Wiggles" in concert
#11 I am kinda nostalgic.Love old stuff
#12 I save everything.sorta a pack rat
#13 I hate wet towels on the floor
#14 I love to sing karaoke
#15 I have a bad temper
#16 I got my only tattoo on my honeymoon with my husband in Mexico and it Freaking HURT

1 comment:

  1. This is great, I'm soooooo a night owl, more now than ever, it's totally the only time I have to myself, you know?

    *muah* girl, fabulous shot of you, love your dress. :)