Monday, January 5, 2009

{Candy Cane?!} Plainfield Illinois Area Photographer

wm_010509_0105 wm_010509_0124

Many of you don't know this, but our little Drew bug 4 years old was born
with a birth defect. He only has 2 fingers and a thumb and at birth the two
fingers were fused together. So at 10 months he had surgery to separate the
two fingers. Nothing stops him though and he makes sure I know every day
"mommy I sure do love trains". Happy, healthy, vibrant, curious little boy
who can do everything a kid can do with 10 fingers just with only 8. When
he asks why he was like that we tell him that that's how god made him and
not everyone is the same. Everyone is different in some ways. And anyways
that's all you need. He says "but mommy, I want to count to 10"...LOL, "use
your toes" I say...he says "OH YEAH, OK." Anyways, he is having another
surgery on Thursday and now that he is older he kinda knows what is going on
and I don't want to burden him with a lot of talk about it. But I am a
little nervous. Getting put under always scares me. He is just afraid it
is going to hurt but I told him they will give him lots of medicine...He
like medicine. LOL So please send us your happy, good, well thoughts our
way that everything will be ok and we can get through this surgery until the
next one which may be in a year. Yikes that came fast. That one might a
harder surgery. But anyways. Just a little insight. Sorry it's a book

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  1. Prayers are with you and your family girl.

    LOVE this shot!