Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surgery went good at Children's Memorial

Just wanted to let you guys know that Drew's ok. He had a very hard morning waking up from the anesthesia but once he was out he was ok. He is acting totally fine of course and scares the crap out of me. The Dr said that it went great and they did have to take another skin graft but a small one and they didn’t need to put a pin through it. So that’s good. He said it straightened pretty good. Possibly no more surgeries! Woohoo. He said we would just wait and see as he gets older. Phew…So glad that is over with. I am pooped but he is like the energizer bunny. LOL Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers...Not over yet though. We have a week of a bulky bandage that needs to stay clean and dry...He is a boy that sometimes thinks he is a dog and so I guess I am going to have to clean my floors twice a day. =) He already wanted it off tonight and said it feels fine. Oh boy. I think I am in for it. Wish me luck! I think I might need it. Love Children's Memorial Hospital too! They are the best there! He got to ride in a wagon in surgery and got to play with everything and see how things work which of course he loves! They have the best rap ore with kids! Thank Goodness for them!

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