Tuesday, May 5, 2009

{Baby C 9 days old} Plainfield, IL Natural Light Photography

wm_050309_4806_bw wm_050309_4580_choc wm_050309_4715_bw wm_050309_4760_bw wm_050309_4604 wm_050309_4745_bwwm_050309_4694

9 day old cutie and she gave us a run for our money. She decided she wanted to be up most of the time. But I was able to get a few good ones while she finally gave in for a bit =)


  1. These are all stunning Val! You did a fantastic job girlie! I told you that you have a gift.

  2. These are all gorgeous. I love your site Valerie!

  3. OMG VAL seriously all of these are SOOO SOOO gorgeous...WOW!!!! Mom must be in heaven with these!