Sunday, August 23, 2009

{8 months} Natural Light Photography, Plainfield IL Area

wm_082209_9920  wm_082209_9985wm_082209_9937wm_082209_9944_BW   wm_082209_0058_BWwm_082209_9914 wm_082209_9953  wm_082209_9979_bw wm_082209_0047  wm_082209_9951_bw

What a cutie pie this little one.  I got to photograph her at about 7 weeks old and now she is almost 8 months old…My oh My how they change.  It was a cold day here in August, go figure…But she was a trooper and a true model.  Covered her up in between poses. 


  1. adorable. I love her little dress!

  2. Love the expressions you captured Valerie! Such a cutie!