Sunday, October 4, 2009

{Run N Late} Plainfield, IL on Location Natural Light Photography

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oops I did it again…LOLI shot this band Run N Late with the same theme (running late) but it was 0 below and they wore cocktail dresses.  This time It was 100% humidity…LOL We were going with the same theme (running late).  These are my favorites from this session and I apologize for the late post.  But I wanted these on here because they were so fun to work with and had such great ideas and love things old (like me) so I processed mostly for a vintage antique look.


  1. These are so great!
    The girls look gorgeous...the one's of the Heathers laying down...amazing!

  2. Girlie these are so completely awesome!!!! Love them all!!!!

  3. I love love LOVE the shot with the bridge! How fun!