Saturday, November 7, 2009

{Farnaus Family} Plainfield, IL Natural Light On Location Photography

 wm_110709_5329  wm_110709_5359wm_110709_5370_bwwm_110709_5297 wm_110709_5363wm_110709_5360_bw   wm_110709_5373 wm_110709_5399 wm_110709_5489  wm_110709_5408wm_110709_5349
My first babies first year!  Happy Birthday Addi!!!
Oh Annie I am GAGGA over these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy with all that we got for sure!  Because of this cutie we met ;)


  1. GORGEOUS girlie!!!! Love it!!! Awwwwwwwwww!!! Beautiful light!

  2. LOVE THEM!!!! They are so beautiful!!!

  3. your work makes me tear up(good) you capture it all in just their look. Annie

  4. Love these girl! You do such beautiful work. Congrts on the baby turning one. I love being able to take pics of one child all the way though the first year and see how the change.