Thursday, February 11, 2010

{Olivia 9 Months} Plainfield, IL Natural Light photography

Yep she is 9 months old now!  Wow.  This is my second babies first year coming to an end in 3 months and I just love watching these little ones grow up.  And she is a seriously little one but I dont care what anyone says the eyes say it all anyways and i can care less about smiles…LOL

wm_020710_7316 wm_020710_7219_BW  wm_020710_7237wm_020710_7231_BW wm_020710_7298_bw


  1. So so so so darling!!!!! Her eyes are absolutely beautiful!!! Love your new presentation style, the round corners and white corners super cool!!!

    Hope you are well miss ya!

  2. very adorable! what a cutie :)
    ...and I love that flower hat :)