Monday, May 10, 2010

{Chloe’s ONE!} Lisle Illinois, On Location Natural Light Photography

Yep she is ONE!  I have done 2 other sessions for this family and she gets cuter and cuter every time!  I love to see these little ones grow…It makes me smile when I see them for the first time in 6 months and they have grown up so much =) 

Thank you guys for a fun time!  And I hope poor Chloe’s booboo on her head didn't get too black and blue that poor thing… wm_050210_0854 wm_050210_0679 wm_050210_0705_bw wm_050210_0720 wm_050210_0726 wm_050210_0740_bw wm_050210_0746 wm_050210_0759_bw wm_050210_0776 wm_050210_0788_bw wm_050210_0822


  1. Hello Valerie,

    I was looking at some older photo's at my stream and found a comment from you.
    I thought that it was a while that I saw a photo of you popping up in my contacts, so I took a look at your site, and girl your photo's are great!!
    I think its a pitty that you don't post on Flickr anymore....

    Kind Regards,

    (Willemke on Flickr)

  2. Oh Val you rocked this session!

  3. OK TOO TOO TOO CUTE! Love them alL!