Friday, July 23, 2010

{Kailey} Natural Light On Location Photography, Plainfield Illinois

I had so much fun at this shoot.  We got so lucky with the weather this day and OMG the building we waited for all night and the one I had been DYING to go back to was knocked down!!!  OMG sad sad sad.  but we made due and it was amazing anyways.  Thank you Kailey you looked gorgeous and I can’t believe you are just starting high school this year!  I cant wait till Senior graduation pictures… wm_063010_0014 wm_063010_0145 wm_063010_0164 wm_063010_0189 wm_063010_0203_bw wm_063010_0311 wm_063010_0325 wm_063010_0328 wm_063010_0405 wm_063010_0452_bwwm_063010_0508 wm_063010_0479


  1. What a beautiful session! Love the color and locations!

  2. HELLO!!!!!!!!!! You ROCKED this session girly! And she is GORGEOUS! Amazing amazing job! Miss you!!!

  3. awesome photography....I'm laughing because we take pics at this park (not the train station) and I'm always bringing my husband with..never thought to walk to the dang station across the street!!!