Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{Ava Sweet Ava} Natural Light on Location Photography Lisle, IL

Oh my word!  Can you say Holy Mosquitoes!  This cute family and I were attacked literally trying to shoot this session.  We still got a bunch of cute stuff but man how do you look so cute getting eaten alive?  Huh…oh and me…standing still trying to focus on not smacking myself ten thousand times.  LOL  It was fun and thank you guys for putting up with me and having a sense of  humor about this day.  Not going there again till this humidity is GONE!   Here is your little sneak Meghan!  You guys are dolls!  I hope I get to work with you guys again.  Really a treat.

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  1. These are so cute! That's the thing about doing evening sessions in the summer. Guess it's time to pack mosquito repellent in with the camera gear!

  2. What an adorable family! Gorgeous always gorgeous girly!!!