Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{Leach family} Natural Light On Location Photography, Joliet IL



Oh Ann, your babies are just too cute for words.  I have to say I love our photoshoots together.  I might have to hire you to keep guard of my wagon since one of the locals in that area really liked it…HA  We got so many cute ones I had a hard time picking my fav’s but here they are =)  Thank you for another fun shoot!


wm_110610_0028 wm_110610_0098 wm_110610_0114 wm_110610_0166 wm_110610_0190 wm_110610_0212 wm_110610_0229 wm_110610_0246 wm_110610_0270 wm_110610_0274_bw wm_110610_0277 wm_110610_0294_bw wm_110610_0322



Thank you guys for another fantastic session!  See you soon =)


  1. I love them so much! Thanks for suggesting Brian and I take some shots by ourselves - I really like them too!

  2. Love love love this session! The one with the red chair is just so darn cute. Love the all.