Monday, November 15, 2010

{Lily & Jackson} Natural Light on Location Photography, Joliet IL



Seriously to cutest kids EVA!  OMG eyes to die for and sooooo dreamy =)  I just cant get over just how amazing these kiddos were.   I could not pick where to start editing!  Diane these two are gonna be heart breakers for sure!  Jackson has that smolder already down pat.  Girls will be falling at his feet with those baby blues.   Wowza..and little Lily, seriously so stinken cute and such a CUTE laugh!!!  Ugh I wish you got in some shots girl…UGH next time dang it ok!


wm_110710_0050 wm_110710_0033


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  1. I paused on the middle picture here for so long because the colors and clarity were mesmerizing. Darling little girl, Lily is.